Pictured Vader (left)  & D'Arcy (right) - our first Champions

Delaforce Males

"The ideal picture of the German Shepherd

is one that is


in its appearance."

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General Appearance

Sexual characteristics must be well defined - i.e. the masculinity of the male and the feminity of the female must be unmistakable

BODY - The topline flows from the set on of neck over the well defined withers and over the back, sloping very slightly from the horizontal to the slightly sloping croup without a noticeable break.  The back is firm, strong and well muscled.  The loin is broad, strongly developed and well muscled.  The croup should be long and gently sloping (approximately 23 degrees to the horizontal) into the set on of tail, without disrupting the topline. 
The Chest: Should be moderately broad, the underchest as long as possible and well developed.  The depth of chest should be about 45% to 48% of the height at the withers. 
The Ribs: Should be moderately sprung.  Barrel chested is as equally faulty as is slab sided. 

'From the extended standard'

The movement of a German Shepherd Dog

A ground covering stride that travels flat over the ground, giving the impressions of effortless movement. With his head thrust forward and slightly raised tail.  A balanced and even trotter displays a flowing line, running from the tips of the  ears, over the neck and back, down to the tip of the tail.

The gait should be supple, smooth and long reaching  carrying the body with a minimum of up and down movement, entirely free from stiltedness.


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 Delaforce Godfather 'A' (1:1)'Z' (0:0) H-neg BSCL: 1 Multi Ex.
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 Delaforce Iflooxcouldkil A (1:1) Z (0:0)
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Australian Champion Volscain Qanto A (1:1) Z (0:0) BSCL: 1 Multi Excellent Graded.
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Australian Champion * Delaforce Alliance A Z H-Neg BSCL:1
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 Delaforce Under The Hammer
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